Rocket Cleaner – Boost & Clean App Review

By | December 28, 2018

Rocket Cleaner – Boost & Clean App Review

Choose the correct application to accelerate the smartphone work and restore one place.


Rocket Cleaner is the best application that lets you clean and handle your Android device work.

After downloading the rocket cleaner application, you can observe high speed rates (which parameters slower maximum parameters) on the main screen of the app. Speed ​​speed reflects the speed of your device at the same time depending on the remote load and device storage indicator, percentage data is presented as free / total proportion.

In addition, some useful functions are available from the main application screen:

  1. Junk files.I am sorry to hear from you. It may be useful for some extra free storage space.
  2. Phone booster is already checking applications running and can restore the best working conditions of your smartphone or any other Android device.
  3. CPU Cooler is a temperature monitoring and control work, in which CPU detects and closes large applications for reducing load temperature. You can run a CPU cooler with a click to get the desired results.

In addition, you can set up an application notifications. It applies to CPU loads and temperature, restore file storage, clear reminder, and other important notifications.
Rocket Cleaner is a list of app applications app. Application in Westburst is no longer required for the main functions of rocket cleaner or scan. It allows savings system resources by increasing the rate of measurement speed and increasing smartphone.

Remember that the user can clear the storage space whose device is the name of duplicate files. Here you can restore additional storage space to delete duplicate waste and waste system files.
Improve your CPUs, RAM and file storage conditions with Rocket Cleaner APs, because it’s the best way to get the most powerful device ever on your phone.


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