Avast Mobile Security 2019 – Antivirus & App Lock – App Review

By | December 28, 2018

Avast Mobile Security 2019 – Antivirus & App Lock – App Review

The world’s most reliable free anti-overview app for Android, with more security, against viruses and other types of malware.

When you install spyware and adware applications, you’ll need to track your privacy. Save your device against fake attacks via email, phone calls, affected websites or SMS messages. Activate VPN and block the content so that you can read, visit, and participate in the things you search for online – it does not matter where it’s from.

More than 100 million episodes, auto-mobile security and anti-wisdom provide more than just the sound of sound. One of the other features packed in this app is:


Antivirus Engine
✔ app lock
Block call blocker
✔ against theft
Wall photo voltage
✔ VPN (Virtual Private Network)
✔ Instead of saving
✔ Privacy Permission
✔ Firefox (for integrated Android only)
✔ Ram Boost
✔ Junk Cleaner
Sh WebShield
✔ WiFi security
✔ WiFi Speed ​​Test

What’s new

VPN (Virtual Private Network) – Hide your online activity and want to change your desired location.

Now we are offering premium features:
Anti-theft: Your device automatically locks on correct changes, and secretly captures images of thieves and audio recording.
App: To lock any app with pin or touching the point to protect sensitive content and maintain confidentiality. Protect your most used apps and make sure no one can access them – neither your child nor your internal interference
Avast Direct Support: Please contact the app before receiving your inquiry instantly.


Avast Mobile Security and inventory details
Antivirus Engine: Virus and malware scanners automatically scan on pre-used / dangerous applications and transactions. Web and file scanning for full mobile security also protects against spyware and viruses.
Kink Cleaner: Clear unnecessary data, spamming files, system capture, gallery thumbnails, installation files, and restart files.
■ Call blocker: Keep your privacy. Add a phone number to your column list and the blocker caller does not want to contact you.
■ Web Search: Scan and Blocks are malware-infected links, as well as transgenes, adware and spyware (for privacy and secure Web browsing, for example Chrome) and incorrect URLs.
■ Photo: Allows you to protect your photos with access to PIN. After transferring pictures, they are secret and secret.
■ Power saving: Reduce your device’s battery consumption by adjusting set settings such as WiFi, Sync, Bluetooth and screen settings, which will keep your battery at the highest level. Is.

This app app uses admin’s permission. This permission allows you to remove your device from your remote and block your device.

This application has been used to allow access to abusive attacks and abuse websites and access to other users.


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