Notification Blocker & Cleaner & Heads-up Off-App Review

By | December 29, 2018

Nicylator – Block Jack notification cleverly, clearing a tap to clear your notification bar.

New features: For Android O and above, hide the notification of the system, for example: “Running in background” notification, “Hide, hide, hide, hide, display on other apps.” Chart usb “device to hide. .

Suggested notifications will be blocked smartly and will be stored in one place, so the phone notification bar will always be clean and clean. The app has kept junk cartoon notifications and has lost your phone, keeping your phone free from annoying and annoying notifications.

K data set after the features:
★ Collect the phone annoying useless notifications to make make the phone more efficient
★ Support head-up notifications (<Android O)
★ For example, Hide Android System Notification: “… Playing in Background”
★ Show notification date login
★ Do not miss anything about the block notifications list
★ Block job notifications
★ A tap to clean all waste information
★ Minimum app size, minimal memory usage and battery saving
★ No need for root and only needed needs
★ Stable, strong, safe, fast
★ Material Design
★ free


? grant notification permission:
NCleaner notification access must be enabled to prevent notifications. When it is disabled, you will be able to guide the app to enable the app. Do not worry, app updates will not collect any of your privacy and upload.

Find blocked block notifications:

All spam information is being found in the NCleaner app together; Click NCleaner on the info bar, you will enter the notified cleaner screen and find all unwanted spam information. You can also start the NCleaner app to find them.

Customize blocking rules:
If default blocking rules can not meet your needs. Please change the specific app’s rule [notification cleaner -> settings]. To stop head-up notifications, click on the application and follow the prompt.

? Impossible Problem:
On some devices, app may be cleared by some memory clean or by security apps. Please add NCleaner manually to their white list.


? Android O:
Google does not allow apps to show popups more than the status bar, so the headset up feature feature is disabled on Android O!

生House device:

Please visit:
[Settings] -> [Advanced Settings] -> [Battery Manager] -> [Safe Apps] -> Enable NCleaner

Autofill auto-start is disabled. Please visit:
[Settings] -> [Permissions] -> [Autostart] -> Set AutoStart for NCleaner
[Settings] -> [Battery] -> [Battery saver] – [Select apps] -> Select [NCleaner] -> Select [no restrictions]

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