Unlimited VPN Internet: Unblock Master

By | July 8, 2019

unlimited VPN Internet: Unblock Proxy Master

is the best and simplest Android application that allows the user to keep his phone protected by using secure proxy in a systematic way. This VPN Master uses a 100% free proxy with unlimited bandwidth, super fast speed and high Internet speed. In addition, Free VPN Master comes with several advanced features, such as Phone Booster.

Battery saving, and internet speed test. You can clean the RAM and optimize the speed of the phone by eliminating the redundant background task. You can increase the memory when you play. With battery saving, you can save battery power and optimize battery usage with a single tab.


BE SAFE: you can surf the Internet in the safest way possible. With the complete encryption of data, we allow you to browse anonymously through the Internet and protect your private information.

PRIVACY AND SECURITY: the use of wifi and the open connection put information at risk. We will keep your confidential information away from hackers and iSPS.

ONLINE FREEDOM: Avoid censorship and get unlimited access to all your favorite websites and applications without any fear and without being overseen by someone.


Unlimited VPN
Free proxy
Choose country
Booster Phone
Battery saving
Internet speed test

VPN: access online television from anywhere in the UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, USA. UU., United Kingdom, Russia, Germany, Canada, China. Free internet VPN from France, Italy, Amsterdam, India, Japan, Korea. Free Internet VPN from Singapore, Africa and many other countries.

Your land line gives you excellent call quality. Your cell phone offers mobility and cost savings in long distance through a cell phone plan with huge groups of minutes at any time,


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