Pitu Video Maker App Review

By | December 28, 2018


Pit blocks, Buster Launch, “Crazy Kessul”, called the hot topic “Poastist Seropali”, “Primary School Students Consumption”, “Uniform Kasol”. With the super-multi-fast game mode, as the beauty of beauty, beauty makeup, crazy ex-face, pitt in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Malaysia, Vietnam etc.

[Beauty Cam]

Super Lovely, Super Fun Self Timer Camera. Beauty filters designed specifically for the image, facing sliding, eye-lifting, real-time makeup … A variety of animated stickers, SNS became the most beautiful. Magic Background, Tricky Point, 3D Decoration, We Have Everything!


make one click beautiful. Simple and practical operating, cutting, rotating, special effects, faded, mental light, night-raising, mosaic, star light mirror, make your pictures beautiful.


[Beauty makeup] One click beauty and make-up, you are the fairy! Intelligent face-to-face positioning, slimming face, base, luminous glow, glow, nose high light, eyebrow, hair features, you can also design your smile. A variety of optional makeup, naked, Korean, Japanese, natural …

[Story Collage]

Massive fashion templates, special mental watermarks, create a wall of picture of their personality, come a good mood. The story of a record lift is important for travelers!

[Crazy ex-face] real-time face recognition, rich and variable role change, speed speed like rocket. Wazhosten, Primary School Students, Uniforms … to transform each other into super stars!

[GIF Emoticon]

Today’s most famous stickers, expressing their expressive emotional recordings.


[Picasa] Beautiful creative stickers, make your life sweet in love. Pink ice, flower honey, holiday island … … coloring filters and templates to choose you. Make your own personal stickers instantly!

[Cutout] Easy photo meeting, create unique and funny photos! Interesting scene and 3D artistic effects, for magical photography.

Animated MV] MV

[ output tools are easy to use. Add photos, select templates, easily create a small movie, you can add your own music, come, and understand your director’s dream!


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