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By | December 29, 2018

yyoice access is a accessible service that helps you control your bid bid commanders. Sound access may be useful for people who are difficult to use by touch screen due to Paris, Storm, Temporary Challenge, or other reasons.

To help use voice access, go to Sound Access Help.

Voice access sounds audio in three types (currently English only):

  • Basic and navigation from any screen (eg “go back”, “go home”)
  • Indicators to communicate with elements on current screen (for example “next click”, “scroll down”)
  • Text Editing and Order (for example “Hello Hello”, “Change Coffee Tea”)

What can you say “Sound?” Inside voice access You can see the screen help by saying. You can also see a complete list of voice access settings and voice access settings and “Show all commands.”

Steps to change voice access:

  1. Go to Settings> Access.
  2. Select “Sound Access”.
  3. Change the switch.
  4. Complete Setup and Tutorial and know how to access Voice.

Lesson: Typically voice startup, clicking, screening, basic text editing, and “What can I say?” Introduced the most common voice command to start the menu.

In order to completely disable sound access, any “screen Google” must be changed from any screen. Then only “Ok Google” says when you want them to reach the sound to access the sound. You may need to update the Google app capable of starting audio access by saying “Ok Google”. If you do not choose to replace “Ok Google” from any screen, or if your device does not support it, a Blue Voice Voice access button appears on your screen. You can press the button, then call a sound order. You can press, hold, and drag the button to move to different locations on the screen.

To stop voice access, call “stop listening”. To turn off Sound Access completely, go to Settings> Access> Sound Access, then turn off switch.


Permission Notice
Microphone: Sound Access Microphone uses you to talk with sound commands.
Phones: Voice Access observes the status of the phone so it can work during phone calls.
Access Service: Because this app is an accessible service, it can observe your actions, retrieve the

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contents of the window and observe the text.


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