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By | December 29, 2018

Our latest Chhihima Adventure in Mumbai means
Traveling a lick-proof travel Dhoomketus uses the latest invention time travel trip and comes to Mumbai.
As they are enjoying Mumbai’s places, time and space trips have been stolen. Need help of rat beam in Mumbai ….

Recycle your help again
Get started soon as soon as you can
Mumbai Local Arrivals
Jammu and Duke to avoid obstacles
Help Pop Pullman, get rid of the police
Chase after tea

Avoid incoming trains

  • Move and down the obstacles
    Use the frequency of choice to get extra life
    Riding on the rocket
    Collect coins
    Get Multireases
    Get past stations in Mumbai by submitting posts

Surf using colorful fryceb
Incredible PowerPips
Increase your score
Take part in the events
Challenge your friends

Will the sixth consignees take their watch back?
Join us on the epic journey through Beam and Pando Holderdar through the streets and the streets of Mumbai!

Rat beam speed respects your privacy, does not store any personal information and you are not allowed to share this information.

We need to work for some additional permissions:

    This permission is required to read and read ad content during the game
    This must be allowed to show the appropriate ad content for the target user for better ad experience
    For ZIP RD, it is important that the application should be targeted to the device’s consumption and other device data, and target content related to content and ads (“services”) for the purposes of the instrument’s examination purposes. . RBL Services (“Terms of Use”)
    This permission will use your Google Account name and image to show it on the leader order after you sign in

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