Screen Hidden Best Feature For Android Phone

By | March 25, 2019

Screen Hidden

Hide screen from other
Hide screen
Double band display and indoor
Cell Phone Hidden
Screen saver privacy screen
The third eye

Display is easy and easy to store

1. Hide the screen (screen lock)
2. Battery Saving
3. Double band

When “hidden screen” or “screen saver”
In automatic mode mode, such as playing games or downloading screenshots.


Help close your screen without flashing
Hide the screen while playing video or playing games.

Hide screen / screen from screen

Hide screen
Privacy screen
Mobile privacy screen
Privacy screen protector
Privacy screen for Android
Screen privacy
Display block
Screen slope
Retro display
Phone privacy screen
Blackout screen

When “hidden screen” or “screen saver”
You can play the game games in game mode in automatic game mode or download them on screen.

The background video recorder is a camera application that helps you record video in the background, so you have the option to enable or disable the camera shutter sound and camera preview. Useful functions include continuous recording, recording timing, multiple video recorder shortcuts / widgets, and easy access to multiple languages ​​when your screen is turned off.


A: The default will stop recording when the default system file size reaches 4 pb or 30 minutes. You can enable the “Active and Time Record Recording” feature to activate you. To avoid a crash file, you need to take at least 30 minutes or less (


when your file is saved to SD card instead of SDT, the video file will be 4 GB. One card can be downloaded instead of EXFAT, so applications can save the video now (more than 30 minutes).


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