Been Love Memory – Love Counter 2018 App Review

By | December 29, 2018

Been Love Memory – Love Counter 2018 App Review

Do you remember the love of love – Love Day counter 2018?

❥ Happy Ben Love Memory – Counter of Love de 2018 has reached 5.000.000 downloads

❥ Bin Love Memory – Love counter is a day of love that calculates app number 1 # 1 on smartphone

Love Ben Love Memory – Love Day Counter – Love Counter – LoveWay Counter

Love Ben Love Memory – Become Love Love – Contemporary Love 2018 – Love Counter – Loved Counter – See how many days you are together, love day, day counter, tractor pair joins with love day. Manage and remember important birthdays for you and your partner! Dating Couple Lovedays Counter!

❥ How long are you? How long are you with your boyfriend? 365 days or 730 days or more?

To decorate the birthday with a valuable person by widget with the image.

 Application to create memory – Love counter – Lovedge counters will help you test love day, day together, couple tracker love day, count the number of days together! It’s interesting, okay?

What’s new in the memory of Ben Love – Love Day Counter?

Interface New interface Show beautiful, more transitions: Birthday, Your Birth and Your Cute

Swipe left left and right to see the love memory watch and love letter very romantic.

Love Ben Love Memory Light Theme – Love Day Counter: Theme Theme New is smooth and elegant.

Ben Love Memory Features – Day of Love Counters:

❥ Bin love backup backup and restore data on the cloud.


Update the size of a lot of love – love love memory size and avatar

❥ Ben Love Memory – Love of Day – Love Counter 2018: Love is beautiful.

❥ Bin Love Memory – Love of Day – Love Counter – Loved Counter Add More Stylish Fonts

❥ Custom 20 Theme Colors Be Love Love Memory – Lovedays Counter

❥ Store Love Story Innovator With My Love: Christmas, New Year, Holiday … Together

❥ Annivasary photo album slideshow

❥ Bin love love memory watch love day counter: year, month, week, day, hour, minute, second

Show the day-to-day, love counter, cute counter, relationship day XXX day competition along with the day

Remember the birthday of Dear Day on Notification Notification, Couples Tracker Love Day

Also show counter counter day, day in the notification bar

❥ Display Widget Home Screen and Edit Widget: Size 1×1, 4×1 with Photo Addition

Calculate Tri Love Trips Lock Lock Coat

❥ Show competition, day money collected through graph (animation water ball)

❥ Choose background, wallpaper device

❥ Set a relationship photo on the wallpaper home screen


Text Custom Text

Select background wallpaper from camera / gallery

Graph This graph also shows the percentage of love

का Select avatar through camera / SD card

Share on Facebook

Save Safe Beat Love Memory Image In SD Card

Set an angel image album as an app background

❥ English and Vietnam, many languages ​​support Turkey

Love Ben Love Memory – Love Counter is Free
Show the widget in the Home Home screen and show the number of days of love.

Ben Love Memory with Memory 365 – Day of Love Counter – Lovedage County will apply:How many days have you counted with your boyfriend or girlfriend?

❥ Love Day Counter and Lovedase Counter Counter Combination Day, Counter Day and Couple Tracker Day of Love.

See Valentine see how many days you are counting daily on Valentine’s Day, daily daily warnings

Remembered Love of Love with this App – Love Counter – Love Day – Loved Counter Competition Your Boyfriend Will Always Be with You! Thanks!


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