Pause It App Review

By | January 15, 2019

Pause it is a fist program that allows you to leave WhatsApp without internet connection where other programs in your schedule work with the internet.

If you remember, WhatsApp can turn off when you feel that WhatsApp messages are very upset and you don’t even need to change WiFi / mobile data.Important: Make sure WhatsApp is not in the background.You can your favorite videos on YouTube without WhatsApp’s messages, as VoiceSip is not an internet connection.You can listen to music, use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, watch movies, and enjoy your choice.You need to eat with a date, family or office that meets your love, but use only WhatsApp messages. And WhatsApp won’t cause you to burn someone else.We only take voice sockets from the internet so you don’t need to disable Wi-Fi / mobile data.Yes, now possible with that.Please provide the information 5 starHint: The ban was created by us and is not a public voting program and is not linked to Voice App Inc.

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