Wix App Review Best

By | December 29, 2018

New Wix Mobile App Welcome!

Find the full way to connect with people and run your business. With a custom mobile space on Week app, you can start conversations, create a blog, host events, subscribe, booking and more. When you invite without trouble and expense, invite your contact to join and enjoy the benefits of your own app.

Wix Mobile App meets all your social and business needs, with the custom interface and tons of features.

Community Management?
You want to engage with your audience by starting a conversation around it.

Got your own blog?
Manage your messages and share your latest content with users.

Function arrangements?

Invite guests, updates and RSVP to people and buy tickets from your mobile phone.


Is a business or shop?
Easily manage your booking and stay in touch with customers.

You do not need a Wix website to create your own place. To invite your contacts to join as your member, just install the app.

Invite download the wax app to join only two couple nights.

You can use the Wix app:

Make your place on mobile
Build your own place inside the app and invite to add your contact as a member.

Invite your contacts
Invite people to become members so that they can start conversations, share posts,
RSVP, your services on the Wix app and more books from your place.


Chat with members
Start chat chat with members, respond to customer messages and create group chat.

Manage your Wix Web sites
Do not miss anything to manage all your websites from your mobile phone.

Add photos and upload photos
Upload pictures from your phone or take photos in the app. Add to your site, chat, forum, store or blog.

Track your books

\Easily manage your schedule, add new appointments, and get instantly
Information and Reminders

Manage your online store
Open for 24/7 business. Easily track commands, add new products, and get them
Notified on sale and you are out of stock.


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