Sim Registration On Your CNIC – Details Checker online 2020

By | March 22, 2019

How To Check Sim Registration On Your CNIC – Details Checker

Sim Registration information from Pakistan validation, you can obtain the bio-metric verification of SIMs that are on your CNI and you can test the correct verification. This is an important day that you do not have the importance of registering your hundreds on your hundreds. Pakistan’s verified information shows that your name is on your name. The information of Pakistan’s certification also shows phone type (GSM or CDMA or SIP), operator name (code and full name), IME code, SIM status, serial number, operator code. Yun just needs to enter your CNI and then you can see every detail on the CNIC.


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NIC reader Nadira is the only app to read Barcode information from all kinds CNIC issued by Pakistan – this includes simple CNI, smart card CNI Urdu, Smart Card NC OC, Smart Card CNI is included in Sindhi.

Usage – Usage
The app decides to issue important information like CNIC number, family number, CCI 2D barcode.

1. Start the app and click on the ‘Scan Nadra CNI’ button to start the backup camera of your mobile phone.
2. Keep the CNI under your phone’s camera permanently unless it focuses on barcode automatically.
3. As soon as it read Boardo, the app displays the information on the new screen.
4. From there, you can go back to scan another CNI.

When the car intends to buy the car in Pakistan, then the first confirmation of the vehicle’s confirmation registration is required, just enter the car’s registration number and find all the registration records of the vehicle by this app. This description will help you to steal and protect you from misleading vehicles.


I’m going to start online vehicle verification system. The online vehicle verification allows you to specify details of vehicle owners, owner city, car model, color, registration.

engineer number, chic number, registration date, owner’s father’s name.

tax tax details and numerous Pakistani provinces and You can help confirm that much more than the districts. .

Online car registration validation is now needed one day. People buy and sell cars in Pakistan. Therefore, people need a variety of platforms which allows them to verify the details of the registered vehicle. Checking the online car registration validation app allows you to verify the registration details of the car you want to buy.

Registration of Islamabad vehicles registration: – The user can find details of registration of vehicles in Islamabad. You need to enter the vehicle registration number and you will get the details of the car.

Authentication of registration of Punjab vehicles: – Sim Registration Those people who have the vehicles listed in Punjab province can now easily find the details of their car registration using this app.

Registration of Sindh vehicles: – Sindh users can find details of a particular car registration. Enter the registration number and you will get the details of the vehicle.


Verification of registration of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa vehicles: – Providing vehicle registration number to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa users can confirm the registration of KPK’s vehicle and confirmation details will be available to you.

Now through some steps, you can easily find vehicle registry details or vehicle registration information or vehicle information easily.

Click Here

The online car authentication car registration checking application is easy to use.

Enter the registered vehicle of the first selected vehicle, then enter the vehicle registration number.

, then the application will show you the following details.


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