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By | December 29, 2018

Safety is a comprehensive solution for safe communication. It instantly encrypts instant text messages, voice and video calls, group chat and files.
We made our mission to provide the best security among communication apps for mass use.
An isolated LCD wick keytagographer algorithm with advanced key 256 bit provides advanced security that meets the new standards and needs and protects your confidential information.

Safety solution is the best solution for private and business safe communication.

Why switch to swim?
Safe Messenger Features:

  • Encrypted group chat
    Registration without SIM card using login and password
    Registration with SIM card for easy use of your contact list
    Use 3 Back Accounts on a device
    Chat history can be disabled on both sides at once
  • Message number shown
    Cross platform
    Account access control
  • Account authorization date
    Free encrypted audio and video calls within the vacuum network

Local data is not stored on your device. You can always safely access your data. Never lose your data again

  • “Improved Encryption” mode
  • Verify your interviewer encryption keys with QR-code
  • Your personal information is not available when public networks (for example WiFi)
    Security Alerts for account hacking attempts
    Animated secret key generation for every message
    Additional protection: Digital signature ensures the data of transmitted data as well as the authenticity of the interview

The SafeMimeTime identifies all your data with a tested algorithm.

Be sure to check our website for a list of protected websites for different platforms:

When registering in the vacuum, the user is given a telephone number in +3712. ХХХ-ХХХХ shape (more – number).

In case of user:

  • No repeat number during a month (30 days) from the date of registration
    And / or
    Last 30 days before or after the last activity with number (incoming / coming call), and the account balance is 0.00 EUR
    Keeps the right to retain Safe Number.

The number of recipients does not affect the user’s functionality (including users with other chatouts and other calls, including calls).

Recovery of the number is technically impossible.

When the balance is more than 1.00 euros, we will not get the number.

When the balance is 1.00 EUR and less, and there is no activity, the balance of the number will be restored for three months (90 days), and the number will be returned.

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