Whatspp Deleted Notisave – status and notifications saver

By | January 13, 2019

Whatspp Deleted Notisave – status and notifications saver

Main Features

Automatic notifications shown on the notification bar
Keep your notes clean
Search notifications from all apps again

Supports WhatsApp and other messages.
Automatically new messages
Automatically WhatsApp Status
More features will be included soon

Read messages privately.


Never miss anything – read all posts.
Read privately, without leaving the “read mark” on the messengers.

Simple interface.
Easy to read
Easy to manage

To enable settings


in Settings, just show WhatsApp in the list of applications> Show on the status bar, are you serious about making this app? It does not even do that which wants to understand. You do not have any way to create login as a devil. Let’s answer that issue. I would like to know your description, if you’re really looking after it’s aerial app. I’m using Galaxy Note 8 with the latest Oreo update.

I mostly used to answer the voice message text message without going to WhatsApp online. Yes, you can chat with this app on the Voice app with the person without which you’ve previously changed what you’ve seen on WhatsApp. You can reply with this app without changing this last update. It was one of the tricks I used to use this app and it was very helpful in many cases when I do not want to go online or do not want them to look at WhatsApp online.


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