VODI Eraning App Review

By | January 15, 2019

Wadi is a financial app with Maomi to give back to our customers. We offer global products such as money transfer, prepaid mobile recharge, eGift cards, and powerful communication resources with international calling. You can only offer $ 10 US dollars or more for rewards only to stay connected.


In addition, Vodi is introduce a dedicated ecommerce system, Woody X is a service built at the top of a video platform that unites jobs and unconnected communities.

Wadi is a stop shop:
• Send loved money to 25 countries instantly and safely (See our website for existing available countries)
• Ability to send eGift cards around the world with 100 and popular brands in 15 countries.
• Recharge prepaid mobile phones for yourself in over 135 countries and 390 mobile locations
• Ask cheap international calls anywhere from anywhere
• Enjoy unlimited texting, voice calling and high-quality sound on WiFi, 3G, 4G
• Share photos and videosfriends and family
Sticker store

• voting platform
• stars for stars
•Micro testing

More Info


Ago Breed Financial and Telecommunications App is available from the first 2018 Investorus competition in Atlanta, Georgia on May 16, 2018 to join the three-day road show in China. Woody will compete at the Investor semifinal in the early November of the end of October or 2018. Of the 25 members participating in Atlanta’s competition, Voodoo and 8 other companies were chosen to choose the next interesting tour of the start-up competition.

Woody, the financial and messaging app that always gives most of its customers, has just announced the new partnership with WhiteLail America (VTA), which is a subsidiary of the Wildlife Group, International Telecommunication Organization Is. Both of them will work together together with exciting new franchise products that will enable active users to increase and increase income for both companies.


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