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By | March 2, 2019

With Unipocket you can play games without these downloding. ♥.


In addition, you can use many tools such as Flashlight, Barcode Scanner, Padometer, ZIP Open, etc.
And most importantly you can use the app in Facebook, VoiceSp, Instagram and many social applications.
Lightweight replacement for gaming and tool apps with some more interesting features.

Features of the NIG pocket application

Gaming with NGB
Game Play without any game instantly.

Social App in Unicci Pocket
Apart from Gaming you can also use the app in social apps, including WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc.

♡ Union Pocket Speaker Tools
Unique Pocket offers many tools you can use without downloading any additional file. These tools include barcode and close code scanners, pedometers, torch, battery optimizer, zip ops etc.

Unicorn Pocket

Introduced to disable everyone in a gaming app. And it also provides many useful tools in all social media app as well.

The best feature of the unpopular is that, you do not have to download many of the games that can affect your phone’s memory or RAM at some time. Here, you have to download only one app to keep yourself entertained.

Unipocket has all the new app of 2018. And this free download is available on the game store for the Android app, and the pro version of this app is also available.


The integrated app is very useful to keep yourself entertained in our everyday daily life, this app includes social media apps, basic useful tools, and many exciting games.

Uniparted (app view)

When you open an app on your mobile screen, the main page will be displayed on which various types of apps are displayed, such as apps, tools, games and simulators (another similar section of the game)

These are the following components that will be displayed on your mobile screen:

* 1 section: apps

UNICEF Pocket contains basic social media apps that we used in our everyday daily life: such as app, facebook, youtube, instagram, etc.

Through which you can easily check your chat, update, post your post, or you can easily watch videos.

* Section 2: Tools


Unipocket offers your basic tools as well as your device. Unipocket offers many tools that you can use without downloading any additional files.
Here, there are tools that include barcode and RR code scanners, pedometers, baskets, battery optimizers, zip opener etc. This will save all of your important files.

* 3 section: game

Unipocket is special for sports. Without unlimited downloading of gaming unlimited entertainment is the main heat of the unpocket. This sports-like care game, racing game, shooting games, motorcycle games, etc., which you are extremely entertained.

* Sports content:

The game includes games like a game in the Unic Box:
Team run
Cut the rope
Master archer
Bubble shooter

* More Functions:


You can share this app with your friends and family using the share icon in this app.
You can share this with any social media application as per this application.

Only in 6 Mb size
No logs and sign-up required
Safe and secure app ✅

• Word form cross-based ads such as banners, interstitials, video and home ads.
• Word form is free to cross, but you can buy app items like AD-FREE and Hints.


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