Type Machine Spy Mobile

By | January 25, 2019

Type Machine Spy Mobile

Have you ever typed something and then accidentally eliminated it? Something important is written and can not find it again? The app has deteriorated and you’ve written everything. With no type of machine, there is no problem.

Type of machine saves all of you in every app. Open anytime to find the old entry. Filter them by the app. What did you type the letter from the letter to see the date slider drag. Tap to duplicate. Never lose a piece of text again!

Go back in time. Download your own type of machine today.

✔ Fully automatic and smooth. Login everything from every local Android app. Complete the typing history.

✔ Stays out of the way as long as you need it. It’s easy to use when you do. Android to load back to the world.


✔ Safe and private. Unnecessary permission. You have to lock the PIN on the date list. Automatically delete the old entries.

Configuring blacklist for ✔ apps. The type of machine will not collect whatever you do not want it.

✔ tablet friendly user interface.

After installation, start the type of machine. Collection settings must be enabled for device settings: instructions will be provided. Other accessibility enabled services on your device can interfere with functionality.

If you need help, or have any suggestions or complaints, please email us at [email protected]. Your opinion is very important for us.

The type machine will work with almost every app using local audio android framework. Passwords that are logged in by type of machine are not fields (and can not be). For a list of leading issues with specific applications


Samsung users: Samsung’s operating system type machine may comply with your device due to insects. Please see http://goo.gl/PnjOlK for a list of possible issues. If you encounter any problem, please contact us for a full refund.


✔ Run automatically to schedule in schedule


It works automatically due to the best clipboard. Never text your text. It’s stuck without a kind of fixes and new features. This copyright notification may be shortcut on notification notification and can be returned to the previous app. No search is available for keywords, sometimes we do not miss to see the correct app. It is a 5-minute auto lock security lock, it should be locked immediately or it should be configured by the user.

Would you please introduce Search Function to type in keywords to help you filter past and retrieve past items. . It’s so easy when you accidentally remove something that you neok what you done it weiy ehen you’ve started writing a long time and an apwork, keep great work, I hope you can introduce search functionality 🙂


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