Turo Way better than a rental car

By | January 24, 2020

Play a Mortemobile announcing a new creation from Toro and Adult Swimming: Martymobile! This giant Morty is visiting select cities during Rick and Morty’s Season Four, and will be available to book and drive on Toro. Discover, find the next level car sharing facility with ToroGo, find the book, and unlock the cars on demand. , Absolutely from the Toro app. Book, unlock and go!


Share your car, earn extra cash


Cover your monthly car payments or make some extra cash by sharing your car on the Toro whenever you’re not using it. You are covered by Liberty Mutual for up to $ 1 million in liability insurance, and your car is contractually protected against theft and bodily harm.

To maximize your revenue and increase the efficiency of your listing, TurTor will dynamically determine your car’s price based on market price, location, time of year, and other data sets. If you prefer, you can manually set your daily price.
Toro will pay you by direct deposit within five days. Depending on the vehicle protection package, you will receive 65% to 85% of the cost of travel. If you have rental car  commercial insurance for yourself, your car, and your customers by and you want to waive vehicle protection you provided by Toro, you earn 90% of the cost of travel. *
Discover Toro Go, an exciting new feature that will allow Toro’s hosts to open their own cars remotely for their guests, track mileage and more.
Visit the waitlist now for exclusive quick access to Toro Go Remote Unlocking Hardware, available in select markets Fall 2018.


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