Tunnel Live Wallpaper – Best 3D Live Wallpapers

By | March 25, 2019

Tunnel Live Wallpaper – Best 3D Live Wallpapers

This 3D tuning live wallpaper comes with the Tunnel Creator app as its settings. You can create and save unlimited number of custom settings for free.

Settings include:
• Choose any picture to apply on the tunnel
• Forming of tunnel
• Patterns with changed colors
• Turn on / off tip-hop mapping
• Color of pattern using color picker
• tunnel speed and direction
• Camera view
• Closed on / off fast
• Create new savings files and open or delete saved files


The free version contains:


Abstract care squares matrix
4 types of dynamic touch interactive flow types
Gyro 3D rotation
– Swipe Simulation

The full version contains:




Fully 3D paragraphs render live wallpaper abstract form / unlimited 13 types
4 types of space Looped particles and dynamic touch interactive flow parts.
Incredible 3D parallax effect. Uses gasroscopy / oscillometer.
– Very smooth and efficient battery
There is nothing in the background when the visible application is not completely closed
– Select a color with the Holografic Color Picker
Touchscreen communication (swipe detection)


3D abstract shapes include:

1 unlimited space Looped particle
Summary summary squares
3 abstract hexagon meter matrix
4 Abstract Diamonds
5 star cluster
– Abstract disc
7 bits
8 Halloween Pumpkin
And more


Main settings contain:


Groscope 3D rotation / parallax effect
Swipe Simulation around the object / camera rotation
Color picker for touch particles
Color picker for abstract shapes
Double tape for the settings screen

Follow the 4 types of touch effects
Flow flow
Particle Picks
Particle trails
Wipe your finger to make an extraordinary way of flavoring effect flow.

Double tape – Double tap tip anywhere on the home screen to open the settings menu.
– Supports phone and tablets, image / landscape.



– Very colorful, follow the particle pixels with the effect of Infinity Matrix background touch
– Everything is available in 3D’s OpenGL 2.0, with interactive effects that are multi-
Touch it Both tablets and phones are fully supported in both portrait and landscape modes!

Winner 3D graphics with unit engineer.

More options will be added to the upcoming version.

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The Universal 3D Live Wallpaper is built with the Universal 3D


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