Stealth Player Audio Player

By | January 20, 2019

Stealth Player Audio Player

Usually, there are two ways to play music on Android devices. You can use your headphone or speaker. But about third option

The purpose of this app is to enable users to listen to when they are not the earphones and they do not want to use the speaker.When you are with someone and you should listen to the audio file, a voice message, etc. Now using this app you can now listen to it using your device’s earpiece (which lets you hear your phone call).

It’s not just useful for routine audio files, but also for podcast, and comes to easy to forget when you do not want to worry about them forgetting to bring your headphones. The sticky audio player enables you to use the small speaker good things that can not run with a larger speaker.Note: this is not a complete music player. This is a utility application that can run all kinds of downloaded files. Podcast, ringtones, recording, and music files.

Features:Any kind of audio plays with your device’s earpiece.The video on screen and their audio is stopped by the earpiece.The folder browser allows you to detect specific files.Ignore the option of folder under settings to ignore the Blacklist list folder.Basic and active audio and video players.A dedicated list for audio and video files.Option to remove ads in the settings screen.

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