SnapTrans Best Translation App Download

By | January 18, 2019

SnapTrans Best Translation App Download

SnapTrans can translate Hindi or other languages ​​or dialects from English (Facebook, White App, Messenger etc.) in almost one step for almost any applications. You can use this app to translate any text in your verbal language to read more easily, interact with foreign language. Friends have access

With a simple drag, you will not be able to translate the text in the desired language at any time.Main Features:1) Translation of bible textIn all types of social chat applications, scramble the ball only on the bubble text, it can change your language and communicate directly with foreign language friends.2) Input box text translationEnter a language in the input box, just scroll the translated hair into the input box and the text will become known to your friends.3) Translation of app languageOpen any app and double click on the translation ball quickly, all the app in the app will become your language. You can find more interesting and novel applications in foreign

countries.4) Instant Configuration, Intelligent TranslationSubmit language using language and your friends, translation ball will be translated with a simple drag between 33 languages. English to Hindi, Tamil to Hindi, English in Tamil English, Gujarat to English and so on.


nslation between the following languages ​​is supported:English / Hindi, English / English, English / Tamiai, Gujarati / Gujarati, Bengali / Bengali, Pashto / Urdu, Urdu / Urdu, Urdu / Hindi, Español / Castellano, Arabic / Arabic / Malay / Malay / Portuguese, Russian / русский язык, French / French, German / Dutch, Hausa / Hausa, Japanese / Phrasei, Swahili / Swasali, Javasis / Basa Janta, Thai / ภาษ ไทย, Indonesia / Indonesian, Indonesian / Turkish, Nepali / Nepalese, Filipino / Twitter, V Vietnamese / Korean Vietnamese, Korean / Italian, Italian / Czech, Czech / Čeština

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