Shadow of Death: Dark Knight – Stickman Fighting App Review

By | December 28, 2018

Shadow of Death: Dark Knight – Stickman Fighting App Review

A new concept of Epic epic
Play a group pocket-sized fantasy RPG on the go! Implementing mobile gaming boundaries, Shadow’s death is an online fighting game that does not need to experience the internet. Fight the way you want, like the player can choose to conquer the world in the load of four unique shadow knights, multiple gameplay styles and Nadir coach loads. Throw this black sword, collect some companions and kill the shadow!

Players choose
Choose a unique cast of four unique shadows that represent different sports styles. Whether the player wants them to overcome the victory or victory in their hands, literally literally! Add a strong skillful tree and deep inventory system that promotes endless war experience and customization. There is a boy’s life in a terrible coach of coach with us, what can be his second game on it?


Conquer the darkness to the style
Struggling by the rpg of classic fighting games and innovative processes, is a sign of fighting hack and game game slowly based on magic and weapon. An Intuitive Touchscreen interface provides a variety of options to combat the fight against the strategy and the enemies. The unique battle system is still very deep for any player who is able to meet the most rigorous action RPG fans. Take the mystical black sword in the dark What are you waiting for?

A beautiful ruined world
All new animation systems and graphics are going through the engine, players are being told, “I can not believe this console is not a game.” That’s fine, the game looks good! Optimized for mobile gaming, Andora’s Gothic Finance World is a perfect adjustable cell for wearing jaws, leaving unique magic effects for life and epic fighting scenes.

Play anytime anywhere

We put in the “pocket” pocket-shaped RPG like! At any time, as the Shadow of Death is the online game of fighters fighting. There is no need to be online to defeat the shadow.


Challenge the universe
Take shadow on your online game when the shadow does not cut after its monsters! You were for the final power of war with other players of the field.

Story: Traveling a Black Knight

Andora once fell in a prosperous country. Destroys an ancient immigrant with a pot force. Crop crops, wind blowing, and dead deaths.
The king has ruined his people, encouraged him for the power and the knowledge that he had forbidden. People cry for hope.
A night knight, memory has been cleared but punished which stands between communication. The whore is marked by fate, the whore runs towards the shadow.

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