Search By Image-App Review

By | January 16, 2019


Why this application?
✓ Search by image not available mobile browser
✓ Easy to use
✓ Fast and reliable
✓ Camera support to capture image.
✓ Easy image editor before the search.
✓ Support for Google, Tineye and Yandex search engines.
✓ Show the result of multiple search engines at the same time.
✓ Open the shared image of other applications such as Facebook, Twitter, browser, etc. It is not necessary to save it.
✓ Remove ads for the purchase of the full version

Image editor:


✓ Rotate image
✓ flip image horizontally / vertically
✓ Cut out part of the image.

Search results:

✓ Show similar images
✓ Show visually similar images.
✓ SafeSearch filter option in the configuration (only Google)

Typical use cases:


✓ Find similar images
✓ Discover if an image is modified or original.
✓ Discover if an image is false or original.
✓ Discover if an image is new simply old is already available on the web.
✓ Search by part of an image. This is useful if the image is combined with several images.


It is very useful and incredibly easy to use. I used it in 5 or more minutes, I was just an ad (fullscreen, no volume, 5 seconds) that’s not bad at all. Being able to crop the picture (remove text) I saw that I was allowed to find a actor named in a monument.


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