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Remove Unwanted Objects – Unwanted Contents Remover


With this app you can remove unwanted image objection, you can delete person, delete object, sticker or text on your photo. It’s all free!

This is one of the best applications that helps you remove unwanted content from your photos using the tip of your fingers. It will help save your image time to simplify simple image processing, fast, efficient and easy to use.


How to use?

1. Pick picture from camera or gallery
2. Select items that you want to remove, which are selected in the red
3. Press the press button and see the magic on your photo
4. Save or share this photo to your friends


Main Features:


Delete telephone wires and posts, power lines
Break the level and remove scratches
Remove unwanted person
– eliminate pimples and skin guns
– Stop human beings such as stop lights, road signs, trash cans
Remove unwanted sticker or text
Remove what you feel is to ruin your photos

Is it not easy to get rid of unwanted photo content? Remove the image from the picture Get the perfect picture? The image resort is removing the app to remove any unwanted objection from the image by auto object remover. Add an image retrieve option to remove an infinity image in the image.

Remove the image editor from the image to remove the photo editor, remove a object to remove the cloth editor, the image cleaning app that you need to effectively remove unwanted content from your image. Make a part of a line just to finish it completely. You do not have to correct this_tip app automatically. If you want to delete a photo, just delete a part of the line, use the section to remove. Set thick for your line thickness and better performance. In addition, you can get dressed from any photo


The main feature of removing a magic ejacer image


object eraser easy to use
Delete photo wires and posts, power lines.
Finish surface breaks and scratches – both straight and curved
Your image is to erase whatever you feel
can return to you, if you want to redo your objection
Instant Ranger and FineRmover options are available for removing content
ḳ Easy to use and easy to understand


Removing an image from the image, body, length, image, is a clean application where you remove unwanted content from the image only by using brush and low tool. You brush only on the image or object that you want to remove so that they can disappear red and magical.

Remove unwanted object with ice removal image – choose brush or loungers, select content to remove, and then tap on the button. Remove the error or duplicate items using the Removal Clone Stamp Tool. Adjust the stamp size, clear the snapper, remove image unwanted images, remove the items from the photo and remove the section, free the background free, clear the magic remove the image. Use the alien to use the clone only. Set the desired size of the server, easy coverage hardness, and stability.


Please rate us and after uploading you remove the image from our photo after installing it. Your feedback to remove unwanted objects will help us improve our work.

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