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By | February 28, 2019

Quick Image Search

Quick Image Search Photo and Text Search Ask different search engines such as Yahoo, google, Bing, etc. The app allows you to remove photos from the phone gallery or capture the camera on the camera and find it.

App Feature:

1. Pick an image from the gallery or camera
2. Crop, rotation, horizontal flip or vertical image
3. Ask Yahoo, Google, Bing, etc, such as search images from different search engines
4. Extract text from image and search
5. User interface is easy to navigate.


This app includes the following useful features.
Download pictures
· Configuration as wallpaper
Share photos in other apps
Only you scroll can find the same image
Search date
Image scale display
Browse list of download photos
Search filter (content type, color, size, time)

This app helps you search images using images (Google, Tineye and yandex, Engines) instead of keywords.
Reverse image search is useful for confirmation by images, voicem photos, instagram, screen shots and memories. Tender and Facebook users have used “search by image” for researching photos of their potential dates, whereas the passengers have used to find the location of this photo.



• Find the image using Google in search of similar image
• Reverse the search of the image by searching the same image of Tineye
• Reverse image search through Yandex similar image search
• Find the image / photo / image by clicking on the Gallery button in the app
Search by camera image / image / photo


• Find out more about Google, Tineye and related information related to yandex.
Share the photo of Facebook, Twitter, Line, Google+, Google Drive, Hangouts, WhatsApp, Email, Messages, Bluetooth, Pic, and more.


• Easy photo editor before searching
• Save the screen shot on the album
• Share screen shot
SafeSearch filter option in Settings


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