Open Camera Best Camera APP Review

By | December 26, 2018


A powerful alternative to the Android Camera app is a camera app, providing a powerful camera that can be used at any time, instead of providing many filters and special effects for your photos.
The Open Camera is a fully featured and completely free cam app for Android phones and You can make HD quality free video capture photos and easily.


  1. zoom through multiple touch indication and single touch control.
  2. Small file size.
  3. Not completely free, and no ads in the app (I only run ads on the web site). open source.
  4. Reliable volume keys.
  5. Strengthen a selection of grid and crop leaders.
  6. External Support Mike too.
  7. Others have all the broader settings.
  8. And the google play store can be downloaded easliy.
  9. Shutter soundable.
    (Some features may not be available on all devices, because they depend on hardware or camera features, Android versions etc.)

Storage Access Framework).
Disable shutter sound
Strengthen a selection of grid and crop leaders.
Optional GPS location tagging of photos and videos (Jogging); compass direction for pictures (GPSImgDirection, GPSImgDirectionRef).
Apply date and timestamp, location agreement, and custom text to your photos; Store history / time and location video videos (SRR).
Yes you can take yourself (whatever known as the front camera), it also includes “screen flash” support.
More information:
First of all it may appear that apart from the default Android camera, there are many features in the open camera, but the truth is that it is. For starters, the open camera takes upto 600 kilobytes than just 20 megawatts. In addition, the open camera shows you how much of your free space on your Android device.
But sometimes we all really want to take the dang photo – without changing ourselves in the role of comic book or to add butterflies to remove the top of our heads. The open camera is a good alternative to it.



How to download:

Open cameras can easily download from the best camera app with the free download from the Google Play Store you can easily download the download by touching the Google Play Store or downloaded by the link Hope you might like this post.
Download the link to Google Playstore below.


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