Cat Server Vpn For Protect Your Network

By | July 11, 2019

Cat Server Vpn Protect your Internet traffic while using public hotspots or Wi-Fi or even your local Internet service.
Type the fireflow and page blocks.
Access free internet using domain / IP based restrictions / bidding reverse proxy, injection question, custom headers such as proxy taxi.

The TLS serial uses a simple protocol that we call TLSVPN.
TLSVPN creates a unique internal IP for every connected user, through which allows users to communicate on the same server, this function is optional and can block the app settings. All traffic is generated between client and server with TLSv1.3.


This application is possible to customize connection start (we need call) in connection with this type of connection text (HTTP standard or any other), or the SNI to handle the hand with the server.
It can be used by Internet providers or any network during connection that is using your connection during connection.

Each user is given a randomly generated ID to connect to the server. You can import and export condom settings. Configuration Configuration File LTL is expanding, it is a encrypted text file that contains all the information that was made before exporting, in addition to the DNS part and connection options such as connection and internal IP display.
When exported, you can set a message for import and turn it off so that the layout of the procedure does not seem to be ignored or editable.


Injection feature
Cat Server Vpn want to edit the application or answer data, you can use the injection feature. HttpCanary provides two different modes for injection: static mode and animated mode. You can confess the line parameters, headers, bodies and status lines of question. You can create injectors with different needs, and static mode supports multi-injectors at the same time.


HttpCanary offers multi-dimensional session previews. URL, http protocol, http procedure, response code, server host, server IP and port, content nature, retention, time, figure size, etc.


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