Learn Languages Very Eaisly App Review

By | December 29, 2018

Pick the essential words of these languages:

?? Korean, ?? Japanese, ?? ?? Chinese (manager Chinese and Cantonese Chinese), Soap Spanish (both Spanish and Latin American Latin), ?? 의 English (both American and English English), French french German, Italian, Italian, Italian, Russian, Polish, Italian Portuguese (Portuguese both European and Brazilian both), ?? Hebrew, Italian Thai, ۞ Arabic, Turkish Turkish, English (Filipino), ?? Vietnamese, ? Indonesian, ?? Danish, Swedish Swedish, ?? Norway, ? Icelandic Iceland, ?? Hungary, ?? Hindi and Esperanto and Hawaii!

The drop takes “boring” out of the verbal learning: Elegant minimal reflections and high-speed micro games are awakened in useful words.
Fun part It just takes 5 minutes a day. The fact is that every time you get it! Crazy? Yes. works? Absolutely!

Tree Conversions:


? drops is 100% visual: we use pictures to connect directly to that meaning – not on your oral language! No middle Fast, Better and more fun! 🙂
?️ 5 minute session limit: limited learning time can be multiple sounds but it makes incredibly addiction addictions that we do not talk about learning language. The entry barrier is not unorganized. There is no excuse: you have 5 minutes!
?️ Trouble process: We have a good perspective why the games are such fun and seat and are ready to inject a creation that can be dragged into the drop, but in that case you lose your time No, you make a valuable asset. Knowledge of a new language.
ivedRapid Speed: We believe in quick speed and typing on your phone’s keyboard is nothing faster. Greet for swimming and swipe tubes! You’ll need these extra seconds to get more than 5 minutes;)
توجہ Focusing words: No grammar, curated words only with high practical value. The drop focuses on one thing and it’s great. Diameter, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew, Arabic, Russian and Hindi also teaches the “alphabet” curriculum for beginners.
? Forward Learning: Drop wants you to change the language of learning a language. It does not matter how effective your learning tool is, if you do not use it on daily basis it really does not matter. Moves your mind and you’ll be better for it!

Languages ​​in the drop

We are proud of the wide variety of languages ​​that you can learn with the drop and we’re adding new to almost every month. In addition to general complaints, such as English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Hebrew, Portuguese, Russian, Danish, Hungarian, Hindi, Tagalli or Iceland are also available in addition to normal suspects .


حال has recently introduced bids! No, you can not choose Mandarin Mandarin and Cantonese, Chinese, Castilian Spanish and Latin American Spanish, American English and British English and European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese. You can also learn each language for free!
We are very proud of the words of our beautiful word, which are recorded by sound actress and actors!

Offers a complete package for free for casual learners: 5 minutes of Bollywood fast and epic entertainment per day, more than 1700 words in 99 themes. More dedicated language learners can subscribe to premium features to develop faster and provides unlimited learning time course.
Our mission in D domus is to empower the people of the world with a mutual understanding of the language of the world that we all speak.

p.s.: We take full responsibility for possible addiction to learn language.

? I believe you love it just as we enjoyed it. If so, please let us take an overview! 🙂


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