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By | December 29, 2018

Speed ​​test is simple but powerful internet speed meter. It will help test your mobile network’s wide range of Internet speeds (3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, GPRS, WAP, LTE), check the connection status and use data Monitor Demonstrate a speed speed with a tap and get all the information you need with your app.


  • LTE with a tap, 3G, 4G and WiFi speed test
    Detailed information about date and speed
    Color themes
    Quick Realtime Ping and WiFi Speed ​​Check
    Data monitoring
    WiFi Signal Quality Analysis (Soon)

Learn more about this Internet test tool functions:

Historical history for every connection test


At the moment trace the network connection. History tab stores every network and phone speed testing information. Use this Internet connection checker as a Wi-Fi signal analysis to select the best Internet WiFi Internet connection providers. Try internet speed testing and filtering results from different sources.

Det Detailed fast information

If you do not need to download the download speed, but also with other parameters (ping, bandwidth, connectivity bar, wireless signal power, etc.), complete cellular and high-speed WiFi test reports. ” “After the next resultsthe results tab. Extra information on internet connection includes network type, ping, download / upload speed, location, provider etc.

Data usage monitor

There may be problems with internet connection even if classic analysis tools and other software are fast and fast checking and router signals are checked: Maximum online data usage can also slow down the connection. See the results the most used traffic in your network and WiFi speed tester’s “Applications” tab, and the most unnecessarily closing results of network performance results. To check out

Internet Internet Speed ​​Meter Customize
Change the appearance of data fastest in the “Skins” tab. The current version of the Internet Speed ​​Test program has 4 color schemes available and we plan to increase further in the future, so keep up with updates.


Share the fastest information with friends

Find a good free space with solid signals using WiFi speed and tell your friends by sharing its parameters in social media.

Test connection speed with one touch Monitoring and maintaining the history of our data with our app – New features are coming soon.


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