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BitMovie is a free memo-based on video streaming platform that is enabled through virtual currencies between platforms, cryptocurrency if and blockchain. Butt Movie essentially chaeasly cannges the definition of content, how creators are created, and how value and attention are ofcompensated and rewarded. It offers unmatched flexibility, interface, and transparency to help content creators monetize their content and build their fan base in the Web 3.0 era.

Our team of creators ranges from single actors, streamers, independent filmmakers to global production studios, focusing on games / sports, sports, science / fantasy, horror / fantasy, bizarre art and other fantasy content. We conduct a variety of fundraising and gaming experiences, and create innovative conversations such as live chat, ammunition chat, screens, posts, currency swaps, micro transactions, and more, with a global and engaging stakeholder.


Upon registration, each user will be assigned an e-wallet containing cryptocurrency wallets, Ethereum and currency wallets, MoviBits. Customers can take advantage of BitMovio eWallet cryptocurrency to support their favorite content creators, and they can also purchase movie bits of virtual currency from our credit / debit card platform to support our favorite content creators.

Security and safety:
Access users can also have advanced security and security controls, such as enabling two-factor authentication, protecting the content system from content flagging, filters older than 18 years and more advanced filters to block inappropriate content, And more

Interface, Contribution, and Monetization:Content creators can share the same conversation with their global fans and organize pre-show events to engage their fans in live chat. We provide content creators with flexible tools for managing metadata, lowering prices, and setting geographical barriers. We offer you a variety of reliability and transparency easily reports. Advanced features such as pre-registered content upload, current content editing, advanced reporting and analysis are available to content creators through the web product.


Customers can view free content easyliy and some paid content without having to create an account. But sign easily up to  connect with and interact with all content creators and communities. Users can interact with content creators and other viewers in real-time chat, bulletproof chat, and instant messaging. Users can share their favorite content on external social networks to help creators and promote content through a series of components, micro-transactions.

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Engage with hundreds of thousands of cutting-edge content creators and ideas to create a fair, transparent, inclusive and supportive community. Take it to the next level with BitMovio!

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