How to Check SIM Details in Pakistan: All You Need to Know

By | April 16, 2023

How to Check SIM Details in Pakistan: All You Need to Know:

SIM details, Pakistan

Mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives, enabling us to stay connected with our loved ones and access a wealth of information at our fingertips. In Pakistan, the mobile phone industry has experienced tremendous growth in recent years, with millions of people using mobile devices to conduct business, access education, and connect with others.

With the increasing usage of mobile phones, it’s important to ensure that SIM cards are registered and verified to prevent misuse and security threats. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has implemented a SIM registration system that requires all mobile phone users to register their SIM cards.



The SIM registration system in Pakistan is designed to prevent the use of unregistered SIM cards, which are often used for illegal activities, such as terrorism, extortion, and kidnapping. The system requires users to provide their personal information, such as their name, address, and CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) number. Once the SIM card is registered, users can access a range of mobile services, including calls, SMS, and mobile data.

Details About Sim Details:

To check the details of your SIM card in Pakistan, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Dial *8484# from your mobile phone.
  2. You will receive a message with various options. Select option 2, which is “Check SIM Details.”
  3. Enter your CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) number or passport number, and the mobile number that you want to check.
  4. You will receive a message with the details of the SIM card, including the owner’s name, CNIC/Passport number, and the mobile network operator.

It’s important to note that checking someone else’s SIM details without their permission is illegal in Pakistan and can lead to severe penalties. The PTA has also implemented measures to prevent unauthorized access to SIM details, such as requiring users to provide their CNIC number or passport number to check SIM details.



In addition to checking your SIM details through the PTA’s system, you can also check your SIM card’s status by sending a message to your mobile network operator. Simply send “MNP” to 667 and you will receive a message with the details of your SIM card’s status, including whether it is registered or not.

If you find that your SIM card is not registered, you should visit your mobile network operator’s service center to register your SIM card. Failure to register your SIM card can result in its deactivation, which can cause inconvenience and disruption to your mobile services.

Last Words:

In conclusion, checking SIM details in Pakistan is a simple and straightforward process that can be done in a matter of minutes. By ensuring that your SIM card is registered and verified, you can avoid potential security threats or misuse. Remember to always obtain permission before checking someone else’s SIM details to avoid any legal consequences.


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