How to Check Owner Name & CNIC of Any SIM Mobile Number

By | May 14, 2019

How to check the correct owner’s name – Find it online online easily. Check the property of any mobile number in Pakistan. 2019 tips easy to trace the real owner of the mobile number. So find out how to check Jazz Sam Malik’s name, find out how to check the name of the Mobilink Sam owner, to find out how to check the name of the UFO Sam owner.Check the name of the Zong Sam owner, how to check the name of the telesaurs Sam owner, how to check the name of the ward owner, find out how the owner of the owner of the owner and the PTC number owner How to check the name. 100% right way to find any property in Pakistan.

Are you ready to know whether your name is registered by your name or not? Then, check the ‘SIM Owner Name’ of this page online. You do not care
It is ready to know whether UFO, Jazz, Telenor, or Zong user, and your SIM is registered with a given user, then use the procedure used for each service on this page. You can easily send blank to your number. The SIM card owner’s owner’s name and the CNIC number will be received via SMS at this mobile number.


Therefore, the registration location can be detected. Full information about where the mobile phone will be included soon in the coming days in the coming days of the user call or message (full address). How to use mobile directory?
There is a series of all the networks listed in the list. Select the point of your desired number and enter the next seven digits in the text box.

When clicking on the “Find Location” button, you will be directed to the details of this mobile number. This service is completely free of all Pakistanis. You can also create social connections in the directory of your name and address information. This will make the public accessible on your request. Hopefully, you would like this feature and give positive feedback with its development tips.

During a network sim’s biometric verification stage, one thing is seen very commonly when the user visits the retail outlets of service centers, franchises or cellular companies, then the representatives told them that Sam Not in name This is really an exceptional situation for the customer. If you want to avoid such situation, SimsP provides the name of the property of any local telecom operator in the country as well as the sim SIM card filling method.Therefore, especially those cellular users who have bought during 2005-2010 (at that time no proper SIM registration method was available) can be the owner of their prepaid or postpad SIM of any network only. SimsP specially provides its readers with information on how to check and find the name of the SIM card.


Study bali passage to take quick look at the easy way to check the name of the owner of the SAM card on Words / Glow, Zong, UFO, Telenor Takshi / Davis and Mobilink Jazz.

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It is noteworthy that free service service is free to find the name of the owner of any network’s SIM card.


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