how to check number of sims on id card check all sim data sim information

By | June 3, 2019

SIM card name and address details
If  you use get this app when effectively, you will get everything about your Samsung. You can check out all the information about Pakistani society through these codes that are given in this application.

Looking for information on all SIM services of Pakistan?
This app is the best solution. Who do not want to know about new and exciting offers? Everyone does!
All your smartphone operators can easily find easily with one click.

Do not worry, if you are connected, you will get a great deal of notifications, though the app is not open. How to use Internet Purchase Pack? With full details all internet packs can be purchased with one click. Easily manage your FnFs. The app will bring you without any difficulty. There is a healthy relationship with your friends, family and friends.


Need to buy SMS or enable some services, but do not know the USSD code. 🙂 Why is the Sam Service Manager afraid you would like it. What is the money for you already? Get all the prepaid pack details and activate it instantly and keep a smile face.

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Tips and tricks section will meet your demands.
The most attractive feature is that you can apply for discussion on suggestions, topics or anything else. To make your life a little easier with the Simp Service Manager.
With this application, you can see information about your SIM card (e.g.):
* Smart State,
* Data Connection Type,
* SIM operator name,
* Career Name,
* Network operator,
* SIM Serial Number (ICCID)
and also
* Share carrier name and SIM serial number.

The ICCI is usually written in the back of the SIM card.
This information causes such a loss: To support Microsoft or Nano Card slots, cutting the sam, cutting the back of the card and the SAM slot …

The app is in Italian, Danish, Spanish, French and German.


Dual SIM phones are supported Android version 5.1.


IMII number is not part of phone SIM Card.
Phone number is not saved in SIM card, which is managed by network operator.


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