How To Check Land Record In Pakistan – Digital PLRA

By | March 26, 2019

How To Check Land Record In Pakistan – Digital PLRA


Digital – There is a complete automation of all types of PLRA registration in which the Registrar Office sign-in registration data has been retained. The purpose of this project is to eliminate the prospects of any fraud and speed, performance, stability and corruption during the registration process. The integrated process is a very positive increase in ARC. The registry section of the action ensures that recordings of both systems are synchronized as well as transaction protection based on data collection.

Punjab Land Records: If you want to search online for your online record too.
You can easily sit and record your land records by applying this application.
This application is very easy to use.
In this you can count on your land by counting on the province.
The district can also take information. After that, even more
Regarding tif he city, yit cxanou can also get information about your land purchase number.
Use this application to create applications and share with friends. Thanks


• New Food Business Registration Registration.

• Registration of food safety training for food handlers.
• Medical screening registration of food handlers.
Internal and external complaints and opinions.
• Providing the latest news and events about PFA.
• Tracking license processing and delivery status.
PFA branches are searching across Punjab.
• Food Product Registration.
Punjab Food Authority is working as an active institution in Lahore District July 2, 2012. It is all active in Punjab since August 14, 2017.


The authority is to ensure the safety and quality of all food items and products.

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