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By | March 20, 2019

Use your real caller ID to make a call-by-call and just click on an icon to see the unknown collar and photos and names of the contacts in your phone book. Automatically add photos to your phone dealer, contact, and address book with icons synced with Facebook. Check out the number of unknown calls with our easy collar identification and smart dial contacts. Automatically link messaging and calling apps to attach quickly.

Activate your way with your free app!


✓ Visual – We are compatible with Facebook and other social media channels to create identifiable address book and dialer identification of your original photos of your contact. When you receive a dialing or call, see the names and pictures instead of the unknown names and numbers instead of your contacts.

✓ Safe – Protect yourself from spam and anonymous phone calls from your caller ID. Our caller ID is based on Facebook and other social media identities, so the images are all high quality and the information is accurate. Call the blocks to control which call you can call

✓ Contacts – Sync for your Dialer, WhatsApp, Facebook, Webmaster, Messaging, Email, Skype, LinkedIn and more via your favorite Apple Icons.

✓ Final Personality – Control how your photo and contact information are in your friend’s address book and how to call them when you call them. Choose one of our 30XXZXwith ZXyour own skin options! ChZXZange your settiZXngs to determine your dual or simpler settings, caller ID notifications and more.


✓ Availability Checker – Find out if you respond to your friends or if you’re busy, dial into our “Interact” feature, in order to allow you to respond.

✓ Intuitive – Our technology learns your preferences because you interact with your eyes and use your phone dialer. We manage contacts by touch and communication icons according to the people you often use.

Set Set – Enjoy participating in a variety of games whose photos are automatically compatible with your contacts and find new friends from your friends.

✓ Add to Contact – After communicating with someone who is not in your phone bookbook, use our Builder Identity ID so that additional add-ons as easily as possible contact with the suggested name and picture. Add on

✓ Personal – Only log in with your third and third party party social media, or just by adding your phone number without a long registration process.

Our intuitive and photo-based phone book makes it easy to manage your address book and recognize your contacts. Social Media, Connect to a screen text messaging and email apps for diverse communication.

In one click, just watch and call for a better phone book and Android dealer! Our intuitive image and icon phone book will change you to a great and more social experience. We support single and dual simphones.


250 million people trust their transport needs on transport, whether it is to call collar identities or spam calls and sms. It makes unwanted filters, and allows you to connect to people that matter.

Truecaller is updated by millions of users around the world with a community-based spam list, a single app for you to make your communications safe and efficient.

Smart Messaging:
Free csshat with you me r friends and famidsadly on Truecaller
Automatically identify every unknown SMS
Automatically block spam and telecom SMS SMS
Block by name and number series

Powerful dealer:
The best caller identification of the world will call you a person
Block spam and tele terminate
See the naAAAAmesX of unknown numAZbers in theAX call history
– Call Recording – Save imaportant aphone calls and save them to your phone (not on Android pie)
– Flash maessaging – Sharea youaAr friends locaation, emoji, anad statuas in Flash
– Backup history history, contacts, mesasages and settings on Google Drive

Truecaller Premium – Upgrade and access:
– Record phone calls (do not have Android pie)
Know who has seen your profile
Option to view profiles personally
– Get Premium seed on your profile
30-month application requests
No ads


Truecaller Gold – Stand Out of the crowd:
Gold Caller ID
– High Priority Support


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