Dev Tools(Android Developer Tools)

By | December 29, 2018

Android Dev Tools is an Automation Android Development Assistant, this is a powerful, productive, mandatory Android development assistant, it can improve the productivity of your development. It can be used to delete another app, view activity history, look at the appearance of any apps, see apps recently used or installed, an app app, debug View applications, see phone hardware and software related information, and so on, more features will be added later. Including:
▼ Other apps decide
Easily view the app’s Java files, resources and other files.

► View latest open source projects daily
Download a well-chosen daily download Download Download Load Download,

► View activity history
App, package name, title, icon, start time of activity, current activity, add to the top activity. Open support in small windows mode

► View the appearance of any apps
View any apps’ manifestations, search for any negative content, save negative to SD card in text or HTML.


► App Management – View the app’s information
You can easily organize your app. Install applications, recently used apps, see recently installed apps in grid mode.
App package name, version, see you, scare the APK, then drag, data, first install and upgrade time, component information and so on.

▼ Pull many of the apps or apps
Drag any app’s source app or file.

► Open or close the options in developer options
Secondary seconds to reduce a click operation. Display screen settings, showcase settings, showcase settings, show GPU watch updates, display GPU randling, display pointer position, maintain strict mode, activities, keep awake, running showcase Service.

Note: This part of the function is to solve the manufacturer’s complex operation of automatic, if you are too tired of the creative operation of the developer’s options, then this device is for you. If you need different devices from the system developer’s option, it’s not your wish, do not install it, thank you.


► View system information instantly
System version information, hardware information, screen information, CPU information, virtual machine information, network information, identification information.

► Open other common tasks quickly
Settings, System UI Toner, Language Switching, Developer Options, My Application.

(1) You can add tool shortcuts to desktop by pressing the tool icon;
(2) You can add toll tool widgets;
(3) You can start the device through instant shortcuts on Android 7.1, long-term application icon pressure;
(4) You can add the device to the notification bar on the Android 7.0 via the Quick Settings tile.
This shortcut.
Access Service: We use this developer to automatically change or turn off some developer options, to get the current activity status to save your time. We can use this feature only after your choice, we promise that you do not submit any of your information.

Android 4.0 and above is available for Android Pie, Android Oreo, And Android KitKat, Android Jelly Bean MR2, Android Jelly Ben MR1, Andrm Sandwich.


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