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By | March 24, 2019

A powerful recovery tool for scanning and searching and restoring your internal storage and SD card for deleted photos. Sometimes you’ve suddenly deleted or lost your photos, and then you want to revert them, but unfortunately, the Android operating system is not able to delete your lost photos. Is.
We are providing an Android Free Data Recovery app that will scan and display all the photos in your phone at this time. You need to find and choose the photos you want to return. This app does not create a recycle cycle, so for some time it can also get large deleted images.

How to use:

It’s very easy, just open the app and scan your photos. Only one patient app can be removed or removed to remove photos. After that, the images will be displayed in the app after scanning and searching the app, users will be easy to enter the desired folder to retrieve their photos.

We use a quick scan to scan and avoid the full-fledged device’s scan, you might get instant results, but you can not scan the entire device before scanning yourself.

Deep scan
Deep scan can be awhile for your mobile phone storage, but this feature will bring all the deleted photos of your phone.

Main Features;


Why do not you try this, this app is free.
Scanning both internal and external storage.
Quick scan and deep scan are available
Root does not need
Fast and easy photo recovery tool

Please note.
If missing data is too old, the app can not restore it.
The result differs from the device from the device and the operating system to the operating system.

Is a powerful recovery tool that can find SD card for your internal storage and deleted images and restart again.

Occasionally, when you accidentally remove a photo from your phone, and start searching for a good tool that can restore it for you, you can take headache. Download this app to resolve this issue and scan the internal and external memory of all your phones.

How to use:

It’s easy, just start the app. A loading screen will be shown. Just wait and wait until they scan all the folders and files for photos that have been frozen. It depends on how much your memory is on. Once the search is complete, it will show a new screen with folders, images in each folder are from a particular location. Check out one of their searches for your photos, each folder has a list of its photos. Check the photos you want to restore and restart again to restore again. Now a dialog will tell you to find images that are added to folders. You can either browse this folder or browse the gallery where you can find them too.



1 – Scan both interaxanal and extaaaa ernal memory (SD card).
2 – Nice UI design أsdxa and easy to use.
3 – Fast, reliable, best quality.
4 – No need to connect to the phone.
5 – Restore all types of imagَaaa es: jpg, jpeg, png.


Download App

This app displays some images even if they have not been deleted yet. Because the presence of this file already exists in hidden folders scanned by this app. Just look and find the pictures you are looking for.
This is not a recycling bin, it’s a stylish apple that can retrieve deleted photos before installing the app.


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