SIM owner’s name Check the Cnic Number Details

By | October 2, 2019

SIM owner’s name Check the Cnic Number Details:

Are you ready to know if your SIM is registered with your name or not SIM owner’s name ? Then, use the ‘Check SIM owner name service’ page of this page online. It does not matter if you are a Ufone, Jazz, Telenor or Zong user and are ready to know whether your SIM is registered with an authorized user, then the statement on this page for each page Only use the procedure provided. You can easily send a blank SMS to 667 from your number. The SIM card owner’s name and CNIC number will be received by SMS on this mobile number.

Check the SIM owner’s name.

– If you want to find the SIM owner’s name, here’s an easy method.
To check the SIM owner name on any mobile network such as Jazz, Ufone, Zong, Telenor, Warid. , And then you have to use the short code service. However, by sending an empty SMS to 667, you can get key details of the number, Check the SIM owner’s name


On the other hand, you can also send “MNP” to 667 to get ownership details. It has been noted that you can only do this on the active SIM. However, you can only perform this operation on an active SIM, as the inactive SIM may not work properly.
This is a basic procedure and there are other methods for every mobile phone operator. However, we provide information for each operator on our website to protect you from any hassle.


During the biometric verification phase of any network SIM, one thing most commonly found is that when users visit the service centers, franchises or retail outlets of cellular companies, the representative tells them that the SIM is their name. Are not on In fact, this is a traumatic situation for the user. If you want to avoid this kind of situation, then SimsP has come up with a way to tell CNIC along with the name of the SIM card ownership of any local telecom operator in Pakistan.


Therefore, especially for cellular users who have purchased during 2005-2010 (as no special SIM registration method was available at that time) easily know the name of any network’s own prepaid or postpaid SIM. can. SIMPSK provides its readers exclusive information on how to check and find out the SIM card owner’s name. So, read below to take a quick look at the simplest way to

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check the SIM card owner name on Warid / Glow, Zong, Ufone, Telenor TalkShock / Device and Mobilink Jazz. It’s worth mentioning here that the SIM card owner name detection service of any network is absolutely free.


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