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By | December 29, 2018

Call History Manager

Call History Manager Easily control your personal or family finances with high speed budget.
You need to check your daily costs and improve your savings.
Ignore your view with the Fully customized preview page.
In the fastest budget, you have many tools to improve money, such as different charts or useful calendars.
It is possible to sync up to five devices.

Fast Budget Features:

The app has fully customized a page of view to see all the important information at an important point.

Account and Credit Card
Please create and edit your accounts. There are two accounts types: General and hidden.
Hidden accounts can be very useful to track small businesses or passions.
Additionally, with each account, you can find the most relevant chart information.
There is also a complete section dedicated to a credit card.Call History Manager
Both accounts are that credit cards can be used in over 90 different currencies.


Customize your daily expenses and income.
To use the top of the list, you can edit it as an existing, create multiple categories, or reset them.


Keep your daily income and costs in a simple and fast way.
There are several tools within this budget manager to add profits or losses:
  can enter fixed income and costs.
 can create transaction templates.
 set a default account for your profits and expenses. There are two widgets to speed up the operation.

Schedule Transaction
Repeat your earnings or costs over time.Call History Manager
It is also possible to set up a reminder that you provide transaction information.

Always create custom budgets so much money is available to you yet.
It is possible to select multiple categories for each budget.

View your funds with different types of charts: To find out what your costs and income are where to save and compare the money.
In the app, there are more than 5 different chart types.

See the benefits and outlets of your day.
Always where and where to stay forever.
You can also see the payment in the next days.


This is an easy part of your cash flow summary in the past.

Sync up to 5 devices.
 Export PDF report.
Color the required pages: For each page, you can choose the color of your choice.
Auto Backup in device memory and dropbox to avoid data loss.
CCS and. Import and export your computer into a data with xls (Excel) files.
Protect your password without having to lose your data.
If you choose, you create a new transaction without having to enter the password.
Reminder to remind you to enter your daily transactions.

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Choose between more than 90 currencies and customize currency and date format.


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