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By | April 20, 2019

Management System (DLMS) automates phase-2 driving licenses, renewal and upgrading processes. These activities are done in all provinces of Punjab. This system provides instant processing services for public data statistics instantly using authorities such as art technical and equipment.

This system rejects the process of issuing all kinds of licenses using the main network. In an app, Pakistan CNI services are providing information about CNIC holders of Pakistan. best All services provided by Pakistan are available online on the Internet easily. But many people do not know about this facility. The purpose of this app is to combine all the services in a platform which can easily access the mobile phone with the national nationality of Pakistan. This app currently offers the following services:


DLIMS – Driving License Information Management System is provided by the Punjab government. The online driver license information from which one belongs to the Punjab region can confirm online.

 DLS:

DLS-Driving License is Sindh-based people’s services services that provide online information about their driving license.

 NHM:

National Highways and Motorway Police Driver’s License Information Search System by CNC.

 Domain Management System:
The Punjab government is offering public services to the people about the ownership of Punjab people.

 AGPR pensioner:
To check the cases of pension pension of the online facility of AGPR Accountants General.

 Bor
Sindh is a public facility provided by the Government of India for checking land record information about the public.

 PMD:
PDD SIM Information System is a free service which the Pakistan government has provided to check the total number of SIMs against CNIC to register only five SIMs against a CNI according to the government of Pakistan. Is allowed But many people do not know how much their name has been registered.


 FBR NTN Verification:
FBR – Federal Board of Revenue Department of Online Verification System to check against NTN or company CNIC number

 OEPs:
List of Employees Promoters abroad (OEPs) Bureau of Immigration and Overseas Employment, is a free facility from the Government of Pakistan. Foreigners abroad can find the date / status of their license and other details.

This app introduces all the online services provided by the Government of India, from which the user can check their details against the CNIC number. Unusual work or complex design is used to make this app. Instead of emulator, we checked this app on different physical android devices before it was released.

In a mobile app (Pakistan “Service”), information contained in Pakistan CNIC e-Services is for general purposes purposes only. We do not claim any content provided on this app. The list provided on this application is hosted on public domain and copyrighted copyrighted owners. We organized them on the way to the surfing goal.

This mobile application is Android v 4.4 or greater. We used the latest libraries and plugins to make the application evidence of accidents and high speeds, so the Android version 4.3 and app 18-bit lower-end mobile does not comply with this app.

This application is for the provincial citizen of Pakistan so that your license is available in the app to view record / visit, license fees,


preparation of preparation, traffic penalty rates, share application, complaint report available in the app.


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