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By | January 24, 2019


The best camera is a fully featured HD cameras app, with 4K camera, professional capture mode, beautiful camera filter you can easily take incredible HD images on Android phones and tablets! ?????

The best camera apps will completely replace your phone with HDMI in shutter speed, exhibit, ISO, manual focus and other features, which can take your mobile photography to the next level. Are there! The best 4K camera is completely free! ? ??

? Important Features ?


✓ Intellectually detecting face
✓ front / rear camera selection
✓ Magic effects with different styles
✓ Select camera and video quality and resolution JPEG
✓ Multi-touch indication and a touch remote control
✓ Video recording time (with optional audio)
✓ Optional shutter sound to close
✓ Video Recording (supports all resolutions including HD)
✓ Improve the images captured in stylish HDR, low light and backlit scenes
✓ Hold pictures and videos in high resolution HD quality with wonderful cameras
✓ Real-time filter / color effect, review the filter effect before taking pictures or shooting videos
✓ key adjustable volume (to change photos, zoom or exhibition compensation)
best camera editor and photo shot app ever

✓ Supporting focuses, focuses, visual modes, color effects, white balance, ISO, and exhibition compensation / lock, torch support
✓ manual focus distance; manual ISO; manual display time; r (dng) files
✓ HD cameras, HD cameras recording (with optional audio recording)
✓ Configuration volume keys, continuous shooting, auto-stable
✓ Easily select the camera and video quality and solution
✓ Widget to automatically take photos after launch
✓ Selfie Camera Performance / Full HD Camera
✓ Also known as front camera (selfie shooting)
✓ camera line, golden ration line
✓ HD photo capture feature
✓ Location Targeting feature, optional GPS location tagging of photos and videos (Jogging)


The camera is the best HD camera application to take beautiful pictures! Perfect camera application! ?? 对
Take the best camera apps for free, take professional photos in high resolution, HD quality. The best camera has captured more amazing moments! ?? 改


Awesome ? and to make your best photos and videos. Rich and powerful software tool to create beautiful things. It is fully functional with a smart interface. Many accessories for special touches and filters to find extensive touch of these beautiful cameras. It’s really important for everyone.

What is wrong with the fully useless app in app developers, write you in SD card how to make programs understand that 90% of mobile phones are cheap, with 50 GHz of non storage devices. Are not installed

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