App Tiles Best Android App

By | February 28, 2019

App Tiles Best Android App

App tile is a very useful app to improve app tile speed. You can add 6 shortcuts for apps in your Instant Tools area on the notification bar. Only select your apps, take the tiles at the top of the list and they are ready to launch. You can click on each app and at any time. Always be ready with app tiles!

Welcome to the largest lost and found tile in the world. It works with app tiles, a small Bluetooth tracker that finds things in your phone, keys, and wallets seconds everyday. You can order tiles at

Need to quickly find the tile attached or stick on everything. Use the app to help find your tile items quickly and easily. You can also use your tile to call your tiles – even quiet!

* Color your things.
Use the app to pinch your stuff. If you have a tile within a 300-ft Bluetooth range, you will not find it as long as they run it up loud.

* Color of your phone.
Could not find your phone? To make your lost phone ring press any of your tiles – even if it’s silent.


* See where you had reached it.
Give a break to your memory This app is automatically recorded for the last time and your luggage has been shown at this place. So, if you leave it anywhere, you know where to look first.

* Ask others to help.
Your tweet item could not be found yet? Increase your search using tile applications in our community. This feature is 100% private, so nobody knows if you are looking for a lost item but you.

* Find each other.
Our app changes any phone or tablet into a virtual tile. Just download the app on all your devices and use one on the app to find another. This is a cross platform, so there is no need to choose favorite: A Android phone can ring your lost iPad, and your iPhone calls your lost Android tablet can do.

* The app uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BL) to communicate with your tiles. The maximum limit is 300 feet.
* The app uses location services to record the last known location of your tiles based on the geo location data of your phone.
* Continuous use of GPS or Bluetooth running in the background can dramatically reduce the battery life.
* Download Cool Android version 5.0.0 works with Android devices, and with Bluetooth it supports low-power Bluetooth.

A Bluetooth Tracker that connects your device to a quiet apple on your phone and helps them find. Attach or drop chatroulette to anything you want to use to find in your wrong keys, phone or Wallet seconds. Or use the Chipolo to ring your phone and search, even if it’s silent.

How it works



Remove ATTACH Chipolo whatever you do not want to remove and do not want to connect it to the Chipolo app.

RIP Chipolo from the app or press to ring your phone. Even if you are silent.

Find your missing items. The app reminds you when else you have them.

Be a part of the Chipolo community.
Ask your Chipolo community to help increase your search. Just tap on the ‘Mark as marked mark’ and ignore all other sticky users incomplete if your item was not visible to you. You will be notified when your lost eyelids are found.


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